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2012-02-24 08:51 pm


Thisss isss Euryale. If you want sssomething, jussst sssay ssso.

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2010-03-10 03:11 pm
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Heroes Aren't

You have to undersstand sssomething about our culture: our heroesss aren't heroic.

A Greek hero isss anyone who makesss you sssay 'woah' every five minutesss. Did he jusst desstroy 15 villagesss becausse he didn't get the right kind of sssandwich? Yeah? Okay, he'sss a hero.

Ssso we have people who put everyone in danger, kill innocentsss, commit theft and rape and murder all the time, and we call them heroesss becausse it looked cool at the time.

Fucking heroesss.

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2010-03-05 11:58 am
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The Family Tree

Okay, yes. Greek myth=confusing. And their family tree was tied in bewildering and creepy knots. But! As close as I can figure out:

Gaia, the Earth, was born of the Void.
Gaia bore Ouranos, the Sky, and Pontus, the Sea.
With Ouranos Gaia bore the Titans. With Pontus Gaia bore Ceto and Phorcys.
The Titans Chronos and Rhea were the parents of the Olympians. Ceto and Phorcys were the parents of, among others, the Gorgons.

Therefore, the gorgons are cousins/aunts/nieces to the Olympians, depending on which way you squint. And now my head hurts. Thank you.