Date: 2009-04-08 01:41 am (UTC)
(( Aha. That would be problematic, yes. It's a shame there isn't more about Gorgons in modern fiction - Tanith Lee has an interesting take on the Gorgon (, though it's not pertinent to this character in particular. To give examples of how we handle the mythological character issue: we wouldn't allow Odin to be apped from the Prose Edda, but we allow the Odin from Neil Gaiman's American Gods; we wouldn't allow Jesus to be apped from the Bible, but we allowed the Jesus equivalent character to be apped from Christopher Moore's Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff.

So along those lines, we couldn't allow Euryale to be apped straight from myth, but if she happened to show up in Clash of the Titans (, say, she'd be appable from that canon. You could of course use the mythic texts as a resource to flesh out the character. It doesn't matter whether she's a prominent character in the canon -- we've allowed characters who have very brief appearances in their canons indeed, e.g., Matt from Death Note, who shows up in about 12 panels total of a manga series, from what we're told ...

We hope this explanation makes sense. Thanks for your interest in our game! We always love having new players and are happy to answer questions or assist.))
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